" Looking back at your design work, it was extraordinary. You may or may not recall that at the project's start, I had you racing against a filing deadline with the Conservation Commission. RESCOM meet the challenge and that was just the beginning. The detailed decision-making that followed was always smooth and productive. Quality design ideas were always blended with my budgetary guidelines, striking just the right balance.
We are obviously very appreciative of the all-important role played by RESCOM. I surmise that we were given no special treatment, which makes it even more important that you take pride in the business that you have developed, in the quality of your staff and in the reputation that you have earned. "
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RESCOM Architectural, Inc. is a full-service architectural firm located in Bourne, Massachusetts. Specializing in distinctive custom homes and a variety of commercial project types. RESCOM provides creative, individualized designs in a variety of styles specifically tailored to each client. With exceptional attention to detail, Principal Gregory Siroonian personally oversees every project from initial consultation through project completion ensuring outstanding client satisfaction.
Each of our staff members contributes exceptional creativity, knowledge & versatility to a project. The combination of long-term experience coupled with new ideas & concepts makes for a great collaborative effort. We work together with our clients to gather as much information as possible before we start to design a project. We firmly believe that no detail is too small or challenging. Since the firm's inception, we have completed numerous projects in all areas of design. We have earned the respect of our clients who, in turn, have provided us with repeat business and numerous referrals.

     Gregory Siroonian is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards - NCARB, and holds licenses to practice architecture in all of the New England States and most of the states within the Eastern Seaboard.