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Outdoor Spaces

With summer officially here, we will be spending more time outdoors. Indoor-Outdoor living is a big theme in many of the homes we design, from an expansive deck overlooking an ocean view, to a secluded patio situated into a private home oasis. These spaces are an extension of the home and become a private family retreat right in your backyard.

Creating a space that has both covered and open areas creates a transition from inside to outside, and helps separate the outdoor space from the interior. Having an entirely covered deck area allows for a true outdoor living experience and can allow more flexibility and more time spent outside, protecting your family and furnishings from the elements on rainy days.

Having multiple deck and patio areas creates private retreats within the home. Whether it’s a master suite porch or a small balcony off of the guest room, having separate spaces to enjoy the outdoors gives ample space for entertaining and private tranquility when needed. This also adds to the indoor-outdoor living element, as these private, separate spaces are extensions of the indoor space.

Privacy can also be a factor in outdoor living. You may not want to feel exposed to neighbors or elements, or openness in general. We’ve built spaces that are a perfect mix of a private, open air environment. We discussed the value of covered porches above, but also consider building half-walls or full privacy walls to enhance the intimacy of the space.

Outdoor living space is an incredible element to add to your home, and when done well, a sound investment. Porches can be versatile, flexible spaces, giving the home an extended interior, and providing ample space to enjoy the outdoors. It’s important that these spaces are designed to suit your specific needs, and our collaborative process ensures that the design we come up with fits perfectly.

The Value of Architects

Wondering if you should hire an architect for your project? Here’s why it’s not only a good idea, but smart investment for your project: Hiring an architect in the early phases of your project will ultimately save you time and money, and ensure a successful outcome.

Improved living spaces enhances health & well-being, & optimized layout increases form, function & efficiency.

Our personalized, client-centered approach translates to enhanced spaces for our clients. Minimizing wasted space and focusing on client’s behaviors to optimize layouts leads to improved functionality and efficiency of our homes.

Decreased construction costs

Early planning and design results in more than a well-designed space. Our expertise in designing cost effective homes through efficient floor plans and economical, responsible material selections, means both lower construction costs and lower operational and life-cycle costs to homeowners.

Lower operational & life-cycle costs

Efficient floor plans and responsible material selections not only will help keep construction costs down, but also lead to lower costs of owning a home through the home or building’s life-cycle. Properly designed structures will allow systems to operate at optimal efficiency, keeping owner-costs low.

Higher market & resale values, better investment

All of these factors culminate to an increased overall value of your home or building. Building or renovating is an investment, and ensuring that your investment will maintain it’s value throughout it’s life-cycle is incredibly important.


If you’re looking to buy a house, build a new home, addition, or take on a major renovation, we’re here to help. From new homes to additions and remodels, to garages, pool houses, and outdoor spaces, and more, we will help you transform your ideas into a beautifully crafted space for you to enjoy. For over 24 years, we have been committed to delivering exceptional quality and an effortless project experience to our clients. Get in touch today to start your next project with us.